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ELF Bucket system’s basic philosophy

Maintain Freshness

Support quality for flower distribution

The bucket distribution system can be applied throughout the whole distribution flow from harvesting, shipping to market, and to retail sales. The specialized ELF system buckets can maintain freshness of flowers during the distribution, and can support supplying flowers for longer life.

Conscious to environment

Contribute to environment by using returnable buckets

The ELF buckets can be reused; collected and cleaned by ELF system division. Broken or decrepit buckets can be recycled to produce new ELF buckets. >> more detail about Ecological consciousness

Cost cutter

Reduce personnel expenditure and labor

By using the ELF buckets, the shippers don’t need to prepare card board boxes neither don’t need to pack the boxes. At the retail stores, since the flowers are already in the ELF buckets , thus bucketing work, time and space for the work are not required.

Flower inspection

Raise product quality evaluation

Flower quality can be visually seen when flowers are in the ELF buckets, thus can be evaluated accurately.