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Collecting ELF buckets

Request when buying ELF bucketed merchandise

ELF buckets are not for retail shops’ use

Please change the containers for the shops use once ELF merchandise are transported to the retail stores.

Please return the emptied ELF buckets to the ELF affiliated market immediately


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■ELF bucket system is supported by the shippers (growers)

The shippers who are willing to reduce trash are renting the ELF buckets for shipping containers, and paying the rental fee. Currently, the buyers are not charged of the rental fee or guarantee deposit.


■ELF buckets are collected, cleaned and reused

ELF Buckets reuse dealers are collecting them from ELF affiliated market, and cleaning. The system is ecological conscious.


■ELF buckets are not for shop use

 If the buckets detained at shops, the cost of the whole system would increase, and putting heavier burden on shippers who are paying the rental fee.


■Do not discard ELF buckets

ELF buckets are the property of Kaneya Co.,LTD, and recyclable.

Please do not deal the ELF buckets as industrial waste or burn.


■Please support returning the ELF buckets

Please return the ELF buckets to the market where you have purchased cut flowers or ELF affiliated markets over the nation. If you have received the ELF bucketed merchandise from other, you are not certain where to return, or are willing to know more on the ELF bucket distribution, please contact to the below number by telephone or fax.


With your cooperation, we have been maintaining the ELF distribution system.

We would like to ask you for your support



Kaneya Co.,LTD ELF system department

TEL 0569-65-1256 FAX 0569-65-2230