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Areal Seminars

About areal seminars
 The objectives of the areal seminars are to control cut flowers distribution quality, and to appeal the validity of bucket system distribution


●markets seminar
Markets seminars are held at the ELF bucket system affiliated markets all over the nation, mainly for the market staff and growers who are shipping to markets.

●growers seminar
Growers seminars are held at ELF affiliated growing areas over the nation for the areas’ growers and markets.


Main Theme
flowering the future
Quality control is the most important theme for cut flower distribution.  At the areal seminars, on the basis of bucket distribution through the core markets, the members will study the domestic and overseas cut flowers distribution by analyzing their situations, problems.


Looking for market or growing area willing to organize areal seminars

☆Qualification: ELF bucket system affiliated markets or growing areas

☆Condition: plan and hold the seminar( such as accepting participants and organize seminar place) as the main sponsor

☆Application: please contact to JELFA office



Back number

JELFA forum September 30th Thursday 2004

 JELFA areal seminar in Aichi (Toyoake area)


 JELFA areal seminar in Aichi (Toyoake area) wse held at the auction room in Aichi Toyoake flower market, Aichi prefecture.



JELFA forum September 29th Wednesday 2004

 JELFA areal seminar in Shizuoka( Suruga flower market)


 JELFA areal seminar in Shizuoka was held at a wholesales market, Suruga Flower Inc.Ltd. in Shizuoka city.