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Annual study tour

about annual study tour
 JELFA is planning annual study tours for “basic Flower distribution study”


Latest information

◎JELFA Study Tour 2009’s itinerary set!


Date 2009 October 14th Wednesday – 22nd Thursday (9days)

Purpose: Basic flower distribution study

Destination: Holland, Italy

Cost: 390000 yen


※Further information will be on the web as soon as the details are fixed


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The 7th annual study tour 2008 October 15th – 23rd European industry study tour

 JELFA annual study tour 2008 October
European Industry study tour- Holland, and Bergium report


JELFA has conducted annual study tour 2008 European Industry tour to study on flower distribution system in Holland and Bergium. This tour was planned along with the date of Horti Fair at Holland, Including growers, wholesalers, bouquet producers, material dealers, 15 members had participated.


The 6th annual study tour 2008 European industry study

January 21st Monday-29th Tuesday
 JELFA Annual Study tour 2008 January report


 January 21st Monday-29th Tuesday, 2008 JELFA had conducted “Annual Study tour 2008 January European Industry study.” The tour has visited Holland, Germany, Switzerland’s flower distribution sites. Total of 25 people including growers, whole sale market, bouquet producers, material dealers have participated the tour.


The 5th annual study tour 2006 European Industry study

November 1st Wednesday – 8th Wednesday
 JELFA Annual Study tour 2006 November


The annual JELFA tour was held from November 1st Wednesday to 8th Wednesday. This year destination was Holland and Bergium with 24 participants.


The 4th annual study tour 2005 European Industry study tour

Nobember 2nd Wednesday – 10th Thursday
 JELFA annual tour 2005 November Europe( Holland and England) industry study report


 JELFA organized 9-days tour from November 2nd to 10th, 2005, the 26 participants including growers, wholesalers, bouquet producers, and material dealers, have visited Holland and England to study on flower distribution.


The 3rd annual study tour 2004 European Industry study

October 28th Thursday – November 5th Friday
JELFA annual study tour 2004 October Europe(Holland, Switzerland) Industrial study report


2004 October 28th-November 5th, 9-days annual European industry tour was organized by JELFA to study Holland and Switzerland’s flower distribution. For this tour, growers, wholesalers, bouquet producers, and material dealers 26 members in total had participated.


The 2nd Annual study tour 2003 European Industry study

November 6th Thursday – 14th Friday
 JELFA Annual Study tour 2003 November


2003 November 6th -14th, total 9days, JELFA held the 2nd annual study tour for European Industry to visit France and Holland. Growers, wholesalers, transport dealers, material dealers, 24 members in total had joined.


The 1st annual study tour 2002 European Industry study

November 3rd Sunday -9th Sunday
 JELFA annual study tour 2002 November


From November 3rd 2002 to 10th, 8days tour was held by JELFA. The 1st Annual Study Tour was to study European industry visiting England and Holland. Wholesalers, transport dealers, material dealers, and so on, in total 22 members has participated.