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Vase life testing room

JELFA encourages to test distribution quality by vase life testing

In order to connect close tie between growers to consumers, checking function is important. JELFA suggests vase life testing for the function to pursue distribution quality


JELFA’s certified testing environment

○The suggested testing environment assimilate consumers household


temperature 25 degree

humidity approximately 60%

Illumination level 1000 lux

light/dark cycle light 12 hours / dark 12 hours


Above testing environment is set by the conditions supposing Japanese household. According to the Japanese climate with higher temperature and humidity, the setting temperature is higher than the European testing standard testing.


○Checking item


progress of flower status

certify distribution history

bacteria level of the water for shipment


Distribution quality can maintained by periodical confirmation on distribution history and conducting vase life testing.



JELFA certified testing room

Flower Auction Japan Inc. vase life testing rooms

Outline: floor space 94 square meter

Movable tables can hold up to 400 samples

Two full time staffs are running the testing


試験室写真 試験室写真

※The rooms of the photos are the JELFA certified testing rooms.



Request testing & inquirey

For requesting vase life testing, and inquiry, please contact by the e-mail form.



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