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About ELF Bucket system

ELF Bucket System Auction

Specialized bucket for market distribution system.
For shipping flowers, growers can put flowers into the specialized buckets ( black color buckets) with water and anti-bacterial pack (T-Bag) , and can distribute to the buyer as the flowers stay in the buckets. After using the buckets for one distribution cycle, the buckets are cleaned, and reused for the new shipments by the growers.


ELF Bucket System Auction

System image

Using T-bag (anti-bacterial pack)



The growers order ELF Buckets to the ELF system Department ( or ELF system agent), pay the fee when the buckets are delivered.


*T-Bag will be delivered to the grower along with the buckets, according to the type and amount of the buckets.

The grower can use the ELF bucket as the shipment container with anti-bacterial pack (T-bag) to bring to the ELF bucket system A affiliated wholesale markets.


■Wholesalers, Buyers
At the markets, the wholesalers and the buyers purchase the ELF bucked merchandise, they can bring the flowers to their location and move the flowers to their own containers.


ELF buckets are returned to the return window at the ELF bucket system A affiliated whole sale market.


*basic rule is to return the buckets to the registered market
*Transportation cost to bring the buckets to the return window shall be paid by the wholesaler or the buyer

*Please support the ecological shipments efforts of the growers


■ELF system department
ELF system department is collecting the ELF buckets returned to the return window at the affiliated market, and cleaning the buckets for reusing. Broken buckets are to be grinded and recycled.



ELF system department works to reuse and recycle the ELF buckets. ELF system department works to reuse and recycle the ELF buckets.

Specialized ELF buckets are not for sale. ELF system department owns the buckets and rent within the distribution system. Reusing and recycling is one of the works of the ELF system department.

ELF bucket system is run by the ELF bucket system department.